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English 220: British Survey I

ENG 220: British Literature Survey (Medieval through Neoclassical)
Consider the tabs above, and the course specific resources below, to assist in your research.

Reference: British Literature

Consider the Reference tab of this guide for general Language & Literature reference sources.
Below are additional course-specific reference resources.

Search Tips

Search tips for library catalogs and periodical databases

  • Keep it SIMPLE!
  • Use synonyms to BROADEN your search using OR. In the library catalog, CAPITALIZE "OR".
    • "middle ages" OR medieval
    • "middle English" OR medieval
  • COMBINE multiple ideas using  AND​. In the library catalog, CAPITALIZE "AND".
    • women AND ("middle ages" OR medieval)
  • Add the keyword CRITICISM to the search. This will help narrow to critical source materials about the work, and not the work itself.
    • Beowulf AND criticism
    • Defoe AND criticism
  • Keep phrases together with quotations
    • "middle ages"
  • Use the SUBJECTS of relevant citations to lead to more good information
  • Use BIBLIOGRAPHIES (definition) from books and articles to lead to additional relevant sources
  • Mark/Save/Email citations that look relevant


Read and explore definitions and thematic entries on British literature, history and more via CREDO reference resources

Beowulf Manuscript

The Beowulf manuscript, housed at the British Library, is bound with other materials in what is called the "Nowell Codex".




Visit the British Library website to view the entire manuscript.

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