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ISTU 100: Introduction to International Studies: Start Here

Research Guide for ISTU 100: Introduction to International Studies

The Research Strategies below provide a general outline of how to approach your topic.
The resources mentioned can be located in the tabs above.

Outline of Research Strategies

Brainstorm ideas

Explore a Topic: inform yourself on the context of a topic using background resources

  • Obtain definitions, historical context, factual information
  • Become knowledgable about a subject to help find a focus

Next, search for books on your topic. Books, by nature of length, can provide depth and are helpful in narrowing a topic.

As you focus your topic, use databases to locate articles from scholarly journals and magazines

  • Provides very specific research in the field
  • Can lead to additional sources via the bibliography


  • Current information
  • Lead to additional sources of information (look for reports, data, organizations cited in the news article)
  • Consider historical (older) articles primary sources of information that report eyewitness testimony


  • A non-exhaustive list of US and international data sources provided on the Statistics tab
  • Be aware of the data cited in the sources you read. Track down the original source of the information.
  • Ask: who would want to know this information? Google that data type or search on a related organization's website.
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