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Monmouth College Hewes Library

COMM 101

Fundamentals of Communication (COMM 101) Literacy Plan


Complementing and building from the ILA experience, Communications 101 provides the opportunity for targeted research on a topic. COMM 101's focus on locating authoritative evidence, critically evaluating information, and citing sources provides ample opportunity for information literacy collaboration.


Research Instruction Session (one class period)

The instruction session in Hewes Library discusses the information creation and dissemination process and evaluates types and purposes of publications, most notably scholarly and popular sources. Students are introduced to strategic exploration using a discrete group of library databases. Faculty may schedule an instruction session with the Public Services Librairan.


Start Your Research Worksheet Assignment

A provided worksheet complements the research instruction session and allows hand-on application of the resources introduced in the library research session. Students utilize the worksheet to begin research on their proposed topic and review the worksheet with a librarian when completed. This conversation is an opportunity to follow up on questions and encourages a more personal dialog. The assignment also serves as an assessment of the instruction session overall. Worksheets are turned in for credit to the course faculty.

Plagiarism Tutorial

Students may be assigned a tutorial (courtesy of Indiana University) to reinforce the importance of citation in academic integrity and the scholarly conversation, building on their ILA experience.  A certificate of completion provides assessment.

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