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Introduction to the Liberal Arts (ILA) Instruction Plan

A + B + (C or D)                

There is a collaborative effort taking place on campus to increase students’ information literacy systematically. As described regarding ILA’s connections to other courses, this systematic approach includes at least ILA, ENGL 110, COMM 101, and GP. It is hoped that upper-level courses in each major continue this endeavor of information literacy in their own research projects.

In addition to the Academic Integrity and Scholarship as Conversation topics, the main component of this effort addressed in ILA is Strategic Exploration. As part of this initiative, students should participate in a library tour, create a library account, and be introduced to the library catalog.

A. Academic Integrity

Presented to ILA sections during a Thursday convocation by Marsha Dopheide and Anne Giffey.

B. Library Tour

The library tour (20-30 min) will be scheduled by the ILA Mentors outside of regular class sessions. Librarians will lead the tours and emphasize library resources (materials, spaces and people) that contribute to student success.  All first year students and their mentors are asked to attend. 

C. 50 Minute ILA Instruction Session

Highly recommended to prepare students for the Library Use Assignment. Faculty may schedule a library session with Anne Giffey.

  • Pre-session assignment: create library account
  • Library catalog demonstration; I-Share
  • Locate a book on shelves; class discussion

D. A La Carte Items

Faculty may choose to assign a la carte items as an introduction to the library catalog and creating a library account/I-Share.

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