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Monmouth College Hewes Library

Circulation Policies

Circulation Policies

Eligible Borrowers
The following persons are eligible to check out items from Hewes Library:

  1. Current Monmouth College students, faculty, and staff
  2. Community patrons, over the age of 16, with a current Warren County Public Library card and valid driver's license
  3. Persons with a valid ID associated with an I-Share library
  4. Non-affiliated users from Knox, Mercer, Henry, and McDonough counties may submit a request for consideration as a special borrower

Community patrons and non-affiliated users will be issued a Monmouth College barcode.  Community patrons and non-affiliated users must present a valid driver’s license when applying for a Monmouth College library card.  

Hewes Library and Monmouth College are not responsible for materials checked out or viewed on public terminals by minors.

All library patrons must follow library and college policies.

Circulation of Materials
Circulating materials include books, DVDs, music CDs, oversized items, software, and most government documents.  Materials that do not circulate include reference, periodicals, course reserves, LP recordings, Special Collections and Archive materials. Despite eligibility, some collections may not be available to check out to all patron groups. 

Checking Materials Out
All patrons must present their Monmouth College ID at the Information Desk, located on the main floor of Hewes Library, when checking items out.  At this time the materials will be checked out on the patron’s account and stamped with the due date. Despite eligibility, some collections may not be available to check out to all patron groups. 

Loan Periods


Loan Period for Community patrons

Loan Period for Students

Loan Period for Faculty & Staff

Books, software, most Government Documents (in print) 30 days 30 days

120 days

CDs, DVDs 5 days 5 days 5 days
Course Reserves Not available 2 hours (in-house use only) See library staff
I-Share materials Not available

28 days (3 renewals)

28 days (6 renewals)
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials Not available as determined by lending library as determined by lending library
All other materials In-house use only In-house use only In-house use only


Borrowing Loan Limits


Community Patrons Students Faculty
DVDs 2 items 5 items 5 items
All other Hewes Library collections 10 items 25 items 50 items


Hewes Library materials can be renewed up to 3 times if there is no recall or hold placed on it. Once the maximum number of renewals has been reached, the item can be renewed at the Information Desk, if additional time is required. Contact the Information Desk at 309-457-2190 with questions. Please see chart below for additional renewal policies. (video instructions)

Material Students & Community Patrons Faculty & Staff How Renew?
Hewes Library materials up to three renewals up to three renewals in-person, via phone, or online via library account before the due date (video)
I-Share materials up to three renewals (*not available to community patrons) up to three renewals online via library account before the due date (video)
Course Reserves one renewal for addition two-hour period (*not available to community patrons) one renewal in-person before the due time
Worldshare interlibrary loan materials renewal is at discretion of lending library (*not available to community patrons) renewal is at discretion of lending library (*not available to community patrons) Email


A recall can be placed on an item once it has been checked out for two weeks.  Items that are recalled should be returned to the library within 48 hours of the recall.  Recalled items must be returned to the Information Desk during library hours.  After hours, the item should be placed in the outdoor book drop located at the west exit of the library. If you would like to place a hold or recall on an item that is currently checked out to another patron, please inquire at the Hewes Library Information Desk 309-457-2190.


Overdue Materials
Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy to library patrons.  The first two notices will remind the patron of the overdue item.  The third notice informs the patron a bill will be sent if the item is not returned within two weeks.  The fourth notice is a bill for the item. If you receive an overdue notice that you believe is in error, please contact the Hewes Library Information Desk 309-457-2190.


Billing for Lost Items
Fees for lost items are based on national library averages.  Students and public patrons will be sent a bill for library materials not returned.  Students will have the charges placed on their student account.  All payments should be made at the Monmouth College Business Office.   Items returned after they have been billed to a student’s account, and before the library has replaced the item, will be reimbursed for all but a $10 business office transaction fee.  Bills for faculty and staff will be submitted to the Director of the Library for collection. 

Returning Items
Library materials can be returned to the book drop at the Information Desk during library hours.  After hours, materials can be returned to the outside book drop at the west exit of the library.

Patron Claims Item Returned
A patron has the option to fill out a Claims Returned form if they have returned an item but it still appears on their library account.  A search for the item will be conducted at various stages.  If the item is found it will be checked in and cleared from the patron’s account.  If it cannot be found, a decision will be made whether to charge the patron or not.  Patrons will be notified of the results of the search and of any fees for which they may be responsible.

Course Reserves
Items are placed on reserve by faculty for student use through out the semester.  Most reserves circulate for two hours and cannot leave the library.  Reserves are for students and faculty use only.  Monmouth College ID cards must be presented to check out reserve items.  Students may check out up to two reserve items at a time. Faculty may check out course reserves for an extended period of time (please see library staff).

The library has a fax machine available to students, faculty, and staff.  The library will accept faxes for members of the Monmouth College community.  All faxes received must have a cover page indicating the recipient of the fax.

Contact Hewes Library


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