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Mobile App

How-to information on using the new EBSCO eBooks mobile app.

Finding your library in the App

To find your library in the App:
  1. Open the app on your device and enter your Adobe ID and password and tap the Authorize button.

  2. Tap Find Books.

  3. Select your Country from the drop-down menu and then select your State or Province.

  4. Select your library from the list of available libraries displayed.

  5. Enter your EBSCO login values (user ID and password, patron ID, etc.) and tap Login.

EBSCO eBooks Quick Start Guide

Where to get the EBSCO eBooks App

Where can I download the EBSCO eBooks mobile app?

Download the EBSCO eBooks app: for iOS and Android devices from:

eBook Mobile App Tutorials

Learn how to authenticate the eBooks app with your Adobe ID and find your library in this short tutorial video.

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eBook App FAQs

Q. How do I search for eBooks?

To search for eBooks in the app:

  1. Tap Find Books in the menu at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Enter terms in the search box and tap the magnifying glass.


    Select a category from the Browse box or a title from one of the available carousels below.

  3. Tap a Download link for a title you would like to download.

Q. How do I download an eBook?

To download an eBook:

  1. Tap the Download (Offline) link for an eBook you would like to download to your device.

  2. Login to your personal My EBSCOhost folder account or select Create a new Account, to create a new one.

  3. Select a checkout period from the drop-down menu and tap Checkout & Download.

    The title downloads to your device.

  4. Tap to read the eBook or continue searching for more titles to download.

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