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Searching EBSCO Ebooks

EBSCO eBooks may be located via the Monmouth College Library catalog or by searching the EBSCO eBook database.

How do I know what interface is best for my research?

You will likely locate eBooks most often during a library catalog search, however, the EBSCO interface does allow for fulltext searching of the entire book, thus allowing very specific exploration and discovery.

Searching EBSCO Ebooks in the Library Catalog

eBooks are identified in the Monmouth College Library catalog by this symbol: ebook icon


To access an EBSCO eBook located in the library catalog:

  • Click the phrase "Bibliographic record display" as highlighted below.

ebsco ebook link in library catalog


The EBSCO eBook interface displays the book's citation, a link to the table of contents, and a PDF of the entire book for reading and downloading.  

For more information on Searching, Reading, and Saving, use the pull-down menu, "EBSCO eBooks," above.

Searching EBSCO Ebooks in the EBSCO Interface

Below is a tutorial on searching the EBSCO interface. *Please note: downloading an entire ebook is not available through the campus subscription.

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