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Monmouth College Hewes Library

Government Documents

History of Our Government Document Depository

Hewes Library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents. Public access to the government documents collection is guaranteed by public law. (Title 44 United States Code).

There are approximately 1,100 Federal Depository Libraries throughout the United States and its territories, at least one in almost every Congressional District. Hewes Library at Monmouth College serves the 17th Congressional District of Illinois.


We provide free public access to a wide variety of Federal government information resources in both print and electronic formats, and have expert staff available to assist users.

Monmouth College was designated a depository in 1860 and we currently select roughly 16% of all documents published by the Government Printing Office (GPO). Today, many items are recieved electronically and are available freely via the Hewes Library Catalog. Older Government Documents are located on the Lower Level of the Hewes Library next to Bound Periodicals. Please feel free to visit the Library or contact a librarian with any questions regarding government documents:

Government Documents at Hewes Library

Where to find government publications in Hewes Library

  • Print items are located on the Lower Level, on the shelving with the tan endpanels.
  • CD-ROM items are located on the Lower Level, at the end of the print government publications. Ask a librarian for assistance in using CD-ROMs.
  • Microfiche items are located in the Microforms Area on the Main Level, near the Research Desk. Two reader-printers are available, which print for ten cents per page.
  • Online documents may be accessed from any of the Library's computing facilities, or for that matter, from any internet-accessible computer.

Accessing government publications in print

  • Items published before 1994 can best be found with our print shelflist, located in the wooden card catalog on the Lower Level, near the end of the Government Documents Collection.
  • Items published since 1994 can best be found with the Hewes Library Catalog.

All government publications

  • Items published before 1976 can best be found with a catalog or index of government publications. Hewes Library has several such items, each with its own specialty. Please ask a librarian for assistance in locating and using any of the following:
    • Monthly catalog of U.S. public documents (1923-1975) SuDoc: GP 3.8
    • Documents catalog (1774-1940) SuDoc: GP 3.6
    • Documents index (1895-1980) SuDoc: GP 3.7/2
  • Items published since 1976 can best be found with the online database GPO Monthly Catalog.

Government Information Online

Today, most government bodies produce documents electronically and are available to the general public for free online. If you need more information, please contact a librarian at

Popular Government Resources - Electronically Accessible

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