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Cited Reference Search

What is a Cited Reference Search?

What is a Cited Reference Search?

"A cited reference search starts with a known item and moves forward in time, potentially guiding you through the evolution of a concept in the literature of one or more fields. Web of Science indexes the items from each bibliography or list of references."

  • Cited Author searches the individual author or group credited.
  • Cited Work searches the publication as a whole where the item was published. *Standard abbreviations should be used - see list provided in Web of Science.
  • Cited Title searches the individual article or book chapter title.


Web of Science Cited References search screen

web of science cited references search

Fill in as many fields as you know, and Search.

Search results may include a list of variants (sometimes citation mistakes occur in bibliographies!) Select one or more of the variants listed and Finish Search.  Search results will show those articles citing the original citation you searched.

See the video at right for a quick tutorial on this process.  -->

Cited Reference Search Tutorial

How to do a Cited Reference search in Web of Science

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