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Open Pedagogy

Open Pedagogy

Tags:  #LearnerConstructed #ActiveEngagement #ActiveCreation #StudentAsContributor #LearnerDriven

Examples and How-To's


OER Glossary

Disposable Assignments: "Assignments that students complain about doing and faculty complain about grading. They’re assignments that add no value to the world – after a student spends three hours creating it, a teacher spends 30 minutes grading it, and then the student throws it away."
From: Wiley, David. "What is Open Pedagogy?"

OER-Enabled Pedagogy:  "OER-enabled pedagogy is the set of teaching and learning practices only possible or practical when you have permission to engage in the 5R activities." From: Wiley, David. "OER-Enabled Pedagogy."


Open Educational Practices (OEP):  set of practices that accompany either the use of OERs or the adoption of Open Pedagogy. 

Example: Student created explanatory videos in psychology, writing op-eds, a faculty/student "collaboratively revised and remixed textbook", revising or creating Wikipedia entries. From: DeRosa, Robin and Rajiv Jhangiani. "Open Pedagogy."

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