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Maximize use of Google Scholar for your research

Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar?  

Google Scholar searches academic literature found in journal websites, university repositories, academic publishers and other websites that Google identifies as scholarly. While some scholarly resources are available free online, many are not.

For best results, configure Google Scholar to identify and access materials found in Hewes Library's online licensed resources (see directions at right).

Google Scholar is just one resource, and should be used in conjunction with other Hewes Library scholarly resources.

Questions? Contact Hewes Library

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Connect Google Scholar to Hewes Library Resources

Connect Google Scholar to the library's resources 

1. At the Google Scholar website, select "Settings".



2. Select "Library links" from the left-side menu.



3. Search for "Monmouth College". Check both "Open WorldCat" and "Monmouth College" selections. This will lead to Hewes Library full text resources when available.

Google vs. Library Databases

Researchers use Google Scholar as a discovery tool in conjunction with other disciplinary tools for best results.

Google Scholar CAN be useful for:

  • locating extremely recent publications
  • searching the full text (when available) for deep discovery
  • includoing materials outside a disciplinary database

However, Google & Google Scholar search only the visible internet. That means Google could miss:

  • Information in databases like PsycInfo
  • Information in subscription content on publisher journal websites
  • A comprehensive search of peer reviewed journal literature

Google & Google Scholar also don't have some of the effective search features included in library databases like PsycInfo. These "cool" features include:

  • Subject headings
  • Abstracts
  • Thesaurus and controlled vocabulary
  • Tags by Age, Population Type, and Type of Study
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