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Monmouth College Hewes Library

Kinesiology, Sports Studies, Health, and Physical Education: Home

Health, Sport, and Physical Education

A guide to support sports, health, exercise science, physical education, and kinesiology research.

The tabs above provide resources in key areas of the research process.

Digital Resources

Browse the Shelves!

Browse the shelves in the Upper Level of the library in these call number areas:

  • GV1‑1860  [Recreation. Leisure]
  • GV181.35‑181.6  [Recreation leadership.  Administration of recreation services]
  • GV182‑182.5  [Recreational areas and facilities.  Recreation centers]
  • GV191.2‑200.66   [Outdoor life.  Outdoor recreation]
  • GV201‑555  [Physical education and training]
  • GV557‑1198.995  [Sports]
  • GV1199‑1570  [Games and amusements]
  • GV1580‑1799.4  [Dancing]
  • GV1800‑1860  [Circuses, spectacles, etc.]
  • QM1-695   [Human anatomy]
  • QP1-(981)  [Physiology]

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