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Using Databases: Home

What is a database?  

A database is a searchable collection of citations and/or full text materials that originally appeared in journals, magazines, or newspapers. Databases are one of the tools researchers use to find information. Here are some examples:

  • The PsycInfo database contains journal articles, book chapters, book reviews and editorials that are published in behavioral and social science literature.
  • Experts at the American Psychological Association (APA) determine what is searchable in the database. The database is a discrete collection, so it will different information than a Google search. 
  • The APA experts help users find information in the database by organizing the information and by assigning keywords to each citation (indexing). For example, a qualitative study about media portrayal of Olympic athletes with children may be assigned indexing terms like: mass media, sports, sport psychology, athletes, and mothers.  These words help users find the article and others on the same subject.

How is a database different from the Hewes Library catalog or the I-Share catalog?
A catalog indexes books, DVDs, AV materials, music scores, and more so you can locate a record and then locate the item. Catalogs do not have full text articles.

Why do some of the library databases look different from eachother? 
Database interfaces (the front-end software) DO look differently depending on the company that produces it.

How do I get help with databases? 
Most databases have "help" buttons that will provide search assistance. When in doubt, #JustAsk a librarian for assistance!

Databases Title List

If you are unsure what database to choose, click here to browse a detailed list by subject and description.

All databases can be accessed remotely!

  • Use a link to a database provided on the library's website. This ensures access to the library's subscription.
  • You will be prompted by an MC login screen.
  • Enter your MC username and password - the same one you use to access your MC email.
  • Once logged in, you can use the resource as if you were on campus.
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