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Databases FAQ

What is a database?  
A database is a searchable collection of citations and/or full text materials that originally appeared in journals, magazines, or newspapers. Databases are one of the tools researchers use to find information. Here are some examples:

  • The PsycInfo database contains journal articles, book chapters, book reviews and editorials that are published in behavioral and social science literature.
  • Experts at the American Psychological Association (APA) determine what is searchable in the database. The database is a discrete collection, so it will different information than a Google search. 
  • The APA experts help users find information in the database by organizing the information and by assigning keywords to each citation (indexing). For example, a qualitative study about media portrayal of Olympic athletes with children may be assigned indexing terms like: mass media, sports, sport psychology, athletes, and mothers.  These words help users find the article and others on the same subject.

How is a database different from the Hewes Library catalog or the I-Share catalog?
A catalog indexes books, DVDs, AV materials, music scores, and more so you can locate a record and then locate the item. Catalogs do not have full text articles.

Why do some of the library databases look different from eachother? 
Database interfaces (the front-end software) DO look differently depending on the company that produces it.

How do I get help with databases? 
Most databases have "help" buttons that will provide search assistance. When in doubt, come to the Hewes Library Research Desk and a librarian will be pleased to help you in person!

Explore Databases by Subject and Title

Databases available to Monmouth College students, staff, and faculty

If you are unsure what database to choose, click here to browse a detailed list by subject and description.

Off Campus Access

All of the databases provided by Hewes Library can be accessed off-campus!

  • Use a link to a database provided on the library's website. This ensures access to the library's subscription.
  • You will be prompted by an MC login screen.
  • Enter your MC username and password - the same one you use to access your MC email.
  • Once logged in, you can use the resource as if you were on campus.
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