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Room Reservations

Room Reservation Policy

Eligible groups

  1. Reservation privileges are limited to:
    • Monmouth College faculty or staff
    • Monmouth College students practicing class-related presentations
    • Recognized and financially-sponsored Monmouth College campus organizations.  Faculty/staff advisors are encouraged to be present for organization events and may be contacted by the library for further authorization.
    • Recognized Monmouth College alumni organizations
    • Organizations not affiliated with Monmouth College should contact Campus Events Secretary (309-457-2345) for more information.


Campus requests must be made online through the Campus Room Request form. Off campus groups should contact Campus Events Secretary (309-457-2345).

Audio-Visual Technology Requests

Requests for audio-visual technology (computers, projectors, etc.) should accompany the room request directed to Events Coordinator (309-457-2345).  Groups wishing to bring their own technology should check with the Events Coordinator to ensure that it will be compatible with existing Library systems. 


In accordance with U.S. copyright law (U.S. Code Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 110 (1)), performances of media such as audio or video, or readings of literary or dramatic works, must be "by instructors or pupils in the course of face-to-face teaching activities." More information can be found at: the U.S. Copyright Office website.

Food & Drink

Concerning Room Reservations, food and drink may be permitted under special circumstances, as approved in advance by Library Director Sarah Henderson (309-457-2192, schenderson@monmouthcollege.edu). No food or drink is allowed in HL208 Special Collections.

Cancellations & Damages

If an event is cancelled, the requester must notify the Library as soon as possible. Damages related to the event or attributed to those attending will be charged to the sponsoring organization.

Loss of privileges

Repeated violations or failures to comply with any part of the above policy will result in a loss of reservation privileges.

Room Descriptions
Room Description / equipment Notes
Instruction Area
(seats 27) Nine moveable tables with three chairs each; whiteboard; LCD projector; screen Use of LCD projector is limited to classroom instruction and related activities.
Coffee Shop & Terrace
(Coffee Shop seats 20; Terrace seats 32) eight small tables inside; eight round tables outside (four with umbrellas), four fixed seats each. Occasionally scheduled for receptions.
Group study room
(seats 4) Round table. Generally first-come, first-served.
Group study room
(seats 6) Rectangular table. Generally first-come, first-served.
Group study room
(seats 4) Round table. Generally first-come, first-served.
HL18 / 19
Group study room
(seats 6x2 or 12) Rectangular table in each room; sliding partition separates HL18-19. HL18-19 together may accommodate a class or group of 10-12 when partition is open.