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Introduction to eBooks @ Hewes Library
Welcome! This guide introduces the major eBook collections accessible from Hewes Library resources. The library's eBook resources represent diverse collections of scholarly, professional, and trade publishers to support research on our campus, and for this reason, platforms and functionality differ. Choose the collection right for your research and don't hesitate to contact a librarian for assistance (reference@monmouthcollege.edu).  Image created by geralt - Pixabay.com

Strategies for choosing an eBook collection:

  1. Unless you specifically need an eBook, start your research using resources that best suit your topic. See the Subject category in the A-Z Databases list.
  2. Descriptions of the major eBook collections are identified below.
  3. Learn more about the major collections, and specific search tips, using the tabs across the top of this guide.
  4. Several eBook collections are searchable within the library catalog.
Ebook FAQ

Chart of eBook collection features

1. Can I use eBooks on my personal or campus computer?

Yes: all of the eBook platforms support reading in a browser. See below for information using other electronic devices.

2.  Can I get library eBooks on my mobile device (Kindle/iPad/nook/smart phone)...?

It depends: If your mobile device supports use of a browser or a pdf reader, you should be able to access all of the ebook platforms. See this chart of eBook collection features to learn more about downloading.

3. How do I find eBooks?

Important note:  unless you specifically need an eBook, start your research using the tool that best suit your topic. You'll find more relevant information that way!  See a list of research tools in the subject category of the Databases list and don't hesitate to contact a librarian for assistance (reference@monmouthcollege.edu). If you are confident that you want to search for an eBook, see the chart of eBook collection features for more searching information.

4. What does it mean when a library eBook says “Sorry, this eBook is in use” or doesn’t let me view it?

Some interfaces allow only one user per campus. Try waiting 15 minutes, refreshing the search results, and if the issue continues, contact a reference librarian for assistance (reference@monmouthcollege.edu).

Ebook Collections

Open Access Collections