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Tests & Measures

Searching PsycINFO for Tests and Measures

Helpful tips on searching tests and measures in PsycINFO and PsycTESTS

Locate tests and measures using scholarly article databases


1.  Tests and measurements may be identified in the scholarly literature found in databases.
Conduct a topical search in PsycINFO, PsycTESTS or ERIC (education). Once you locate a relevant article, take note of the "Tests & Measures" field of the citation. These are the instruments utilized by the authors of the article. In PsycINFO, a DOI link will lead to a detailed summary (and possible full text) of a measure in PsycTESTS.

tests and measurements field of psycinfo


2.  A test or measure MAY be reproduced within the text of the scholarly article or chapter. 

  • IF the test IS available in the article/chapter, the word APPENDED will appear after the test name in the TESTS & MEASURES field of the PsycINFO full record.
  • The DOI link will lead to the PsycTESTS descriptive record. This may/may not provide the full text of the test.

psyc info test appended image

  • Try a search with the word "appended" in the TM field, with topic keywords. Records that include the test in the article text will be found.

3. To locate additional literature that mentions a specific test, search for the test title in:

  • "Tests & Measures" field in PsycINFO
  • "Title" field in PsycTESTS
  • Default field or "All Text" field in ERIC using quotations marks around the title
    • e.g. "children's depression inventory 2"

4.  Additional search tips on video


5. Mental Measurements Yearbook 
"The Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) includes test reviews, providing evaluative information to encourage informed test selection. Typical MMY test entries include descriptive information and one or two reviews written by professionals in selected fields." 

One search strategy:  search the MMY INDEX online Then locate the REVIEW of the test in the print volumes in Hewes Library. Note the date the test was published, and look up the review in the closest print edition published after that date.  You may also use the "Score Index" at the end of each print volume to locate tests associated with certain subjects. Ask a librarian for assistance.

REVIEWS are available in PRINT volumes in Hewes Library, Reference Collection BF431.B932
Use the index at the end of each volume to search by keyword.

If the test or measure is NOT available full-text in PsycTESTS:

  • Search for scholarly journal articles, using a library database, that may have reproduced the test in the article text
  • Google the test title using "  " for an online version if available
  • Consult with a librarian. Make an appointment at:
  • Tests may be available via interlibrary loan. Once you have identified a specific test, search the WorldCat database to see if a U.S. library owns a copy, and if so, request the item via interlibrary loan.
  • Consult with your instructor to contact the test author.
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