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Scholarly Articles

What is a Database?

A database is a collection of records. The records represent articles, chapters, or documents originally published in journals, magazines, newspapers, books or other sources. Some databases include the full text of the record.

How to find the full text:

1. Use the "Find This Item" button in the database to search all Monmouth College Library resources for the full text. 

find this item


2. If the Article Linker does not lead to full text, you may use the link provided on that same page to place an Interlibrary Loan request. The digital copy of the article will be obtained from another library and emailed to you.

Databases for Psychology Research

Use the Subject menu to explore additional resources in Health & Medicine, Kinesiology and Sociology (to name a few!)

Keyword (All Text) Searching

perception and (“ideal body” or “ideal shape” or “perfect body”)

schizophrenia and “sex differences”

stress and student* and (college* or universit*)



Subject Searching

Subject terms are words used to describe the main subject of the article/book. Using these terms help you find more relevant literature on a topic. Utilize the PsycInfo Thesaurus (see explanatory video) and notice subject terms in relevant articles.

Boolean operators (connector words) such as AND, OR, and NOT, create phrases based on rules of search logic.  

Operator Examples Results                                        

business AND ethics

Retrieves records that contain ALL of the search terms.

hotels OR motels

Retrieves records that contain ANY of the search terms, but does not necessarily include all of them.

java NOT coffee  

Excludes records containing the second search term.  


The “ * ” replaces any number of characters and will find all forms of a word root.

  • child* LOCATES child, children, childhood
  • therap* LOCATES therapy, therapies, therapist, therapists, therapeutic, therapeutically


Note: symbols used may differ based on the tool used.  Consult the help documentation.

Wildcard " # " replaces any extra characters that may appear in alternative spellings.

  • colo#r LOCATES color, colour


Wildcard " ? ” replaces one character

  • ne?t LOCATES neat, nest, or next, but will not find net
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