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Gather background information on your topic:

  • For contextual information about a topic, person, place, or an event
  • To generate research ideas
  • To help focus a topic
  • For more resources that provide bibliographies – which will lead to additional books and articles

Encyclopedias & Handbooks:  search topic keywords

  • CQ Researcher provides original, authoritative reports on social and political issues written by journalists.
  • Topics include public policy, law, civil liberties, international affairs, economics, health, education, the environment, technology, and more.
  • CQ Researcher is known for objectivity, breadth, and depth of coverage.


Each report includes several key sections which can be helpful in understanding the background and complexity of contemporary issues. Reports include the following sections:

Overview of the Issue: background and contextual information
Current Situation: recent information as of when the report was published
Chronology: timeline of important events in this topic
Pro/Con Debate:  presents complexity of a topic from multiple perspectives
Bibliography & Footnotes: further resources to explore

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