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Types of Journals


Scholarly Journals

Also known as academicrefereed, or peer-reviewed journals.

Author/Authority: Articles written by researchers or scholars in the field who report the results of original research. Other scholars evaluate the research before publication to assure its accuracy, called "peer-review."

Appearance: Generally have a sober, serious look. May contain graphs and charts, but few glossy pages or photographs. Use scholarly language with vocabulary specific to their profession or field.

Audience: Written for academics and professionals.

Citations: Articles include footnotes and a list of citations at the end of the article.

Content: Includes scholarly research for a particular profession or industry.

Frequency: Usually published bimonthly or quarterly.


Convention Events

Scholarly vs. Popular

Used with permission of Harris Learning Library (3:51 length). Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6DI7ZiGkVQ&feature=youtu.be.


Trade Journals

Also known as industry magazines.

Appearance: Generally attractive and are often illustrated with color photographs.

Audience: Written for industry professionals.

Author/Authority: Articles written by staff writers, may sometimes accept articles from industry professionals. Not peer-reviewed.

Citations: Occasionally list references at the end of the article or provide footnotes within the text.

Content: Include current events, trends, and news within a particular profession or industry.

Frequency: Usually published biweekly or monthly.


Trade Journals



Appearance: Generally printed on newsprint in black ink.

Audience: Written for the general public.

Author/Authority: Articles written by staff writers and freelance journalists.

Citations: Will sometimes cite sources, a scholar, or a freelance writer.

Content: Includes current events and special features.

Frequency: Usually published daily or weekly.


News Journals

How to Read Scholarly Article

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